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The cornerstone of the work we do at Signature Capital is our retirement income planning strategy called Bucket Bliss™. The Bucket Bliss Strategy™ helps our advisors give you objective, non-emotional investment advice, and also provides your portfolio with just the right balance of risk and reward. This ensures that you not only understand your investment portfolio, but perhaps more importantly, you are comfortable with the investment selection of your retirement income plan.

The fundamentals of The Bucket Bliss Strategy™ have their roots in the professional white paper that was written by Stephen’s father, Dr. Philip R. Swensen, PhD. Dr. Swensen taught corporate finance and investments for nearly 40 years at both the undergraduate and graduate levels and authored numerous books, professional articles, and white papers on retirement income planning.

Click here to read his white paper, A Strategy That Simply Makes Sense, by Philip R. Swensen, PhD, or download it here.


Stephen Swensen has dedicated his career to helping people create retirement portfolios with buckets of money that never run dry. In Bucket Bliss, he uses the analogy of flying to draw very real parallels with financial planning.

Stephen, an avid pilot, attempts to save three people from running out of money before they run out of life, while piloting a small plane

In the dark.
Without electricity.
And with nowhere to land.

As Stephen attempts to save the lives of his passengers, he revisits three very different personalities – one who’s too frightened of failure to take any chances, one whose extreme risk-taking is bound to do him in, and one of sound reason.

While debunking the money myths “Timing is everything,” “All the good things in life are free,” “There are no guarantees in life,” and “Some people have all the luck,” Stephen holds tight to the wisdom imparted in the saying, “Better safe than sorry.”

Told with the insight of a man who understands the value of planning, this parable, which is based on a true flight, will prove inspirational, educational, and motivational.